tastyrainbows (tastyrainbows) wrote in lipglosswhores,

Review for Sprite lipsmackers (3 set)

Name: Lip Smackers
Brand: Bonne Belle
Tint: Clear
Scent: Sprite soda (Yeah, sprite, like the soda made by the coca cola company!)
Smells like: Sprite or zangy, zesty lemonade. It's v. refreshing and bubbly (at least in my opinion.)But it's good because even though it has the zestiness of lemonade and the bubbliness of soda, it's still smooth and soothing enough to be used on chapped lips. It's pretty sweet, but not in a sickening or sappy way :) I personally like it a lot.
Price: Retail price is $13.00 AUD (about $8.50 U.S) for a set of 3...but at my lj it is $7.50 AUD ($4.80) for a set of 3.
Found at: http://tastyrainbows.livejournal.com/
Repurchase: Yes. It's definately my favourite of the lipsmacker's soda editions for the unique-ness and the flavour.


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