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Sephora Friends & Family 2009

Most of you probably know this already, but Sephora is having their Friends & Family sale -- 20% off with code FF2009 through 11/2/09.

Urban Decay is having their Friends & Family sale sometime before Xmas - and it's usually 30% off - so you might want to wait on your UD goodies for a better deal.

Feel free to post your wishlists and/or hauls as a comment to this post. =)

P.S. What happened to this community? Is it officially dead now? The photobucket account isn't even active anymore, so the background pictures for the journal aren't showing up. Plus, the last few entries have been sales/shilling and against community rules. I wish the mods would let someone else run the community if they aren't going to. I would hate to see it end up being deleted one day. =/

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