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big gloss and other goodies sale!

I really need the money more than more stuff so here's my gloss and other items for sale.............see the cut below the sale items for things I'll trade it for but I probably don't want anything other than that list........ this is kind of a condensed version of my MUA swap and wish lists with the most desirable items for swap and most desired/accessible items for wishlist....... I just have TOO much and I gotta get some of it outta here............. all prices include domestic US shipping and a few extras.... I take PayPal, checks, mo's, and well-concealed cash..... happy reading.... there's probably more to come too:

Primal Elements Blueberry Dream~ $7
LipRageous Dog Tag gloss~ statue of liberty plastic dogtag compact on chain with strawberry gloss inside, touched 1x~ $2
Rare Smackers Holiday Pack with Cotton Candy, Root Beer Float, Vanilla, and CRANBERRY lipsmackers and a bunch of stickon earrings, BRAND NEW~ $6
Chapstick LipSations Glitter in Tropical Fruit (looks like a SoftLips), brand new in package~ $2
Original LipSmacker in Red Raspberry, brand new in pack~ $2
Mode de Vie Shea Butter Lipbalm in Xpresso (coffee flavored), used 1x~ $3
Wet n Wild MegaFlavors in Plum Dream NEW (harder to find one)~ $2
Naturistics Glossy Lip Balm in Clear Tropical Fruit, pot form used 1x~ $2
Naturistics Big Slixx in Strawberry, BNIP~ $3
Bonne Bell Cotton Candy Kiss Roll-On Shiner, BNIP~ $3
MAC Lipstick in Blueberry Fizz, used 1x~ $10
Carol's Daughter Mango Lip Gloss~ used 2x~ $3
Naturistics Sweet Lips in Raspberry BNIP and RARE~ $5
Star and Rose Lime Lip Gelati~ used 1x, HUGE jar~ $5
Maybelline WSDL in Peach Marquise, used 1x~ $3
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Tutti Frutti balm~ used 1x~ $3
Original LipSmacker in Cotton Candy~ BNIP~ $2
Burt's Bees Lifeguards Choice Weatherproofing Lip Balm~ new~ $2
Avon lip balms from "aromatherapy" series: Citrus, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood , and Green Tea each tried 2x, discontinued series from 2000, $1 each
Love My Lips wand gloss in Lemon (it's like a lemon creme flavor), used 1x~ $2
Bonne Bell Whirl'n Sheer Shimmer Gloss in Cotton Candy Twist~ $2
Burt's Bees Lemon Lime Lipgloss in pot, used 3x~ $2
TBS Kinetin Lip Lotion~ used 3-4x, wand style~ $7 ($15 originally)
Bonne Bell Sour Smackers in Cha Cha Cherry, used 2x~ $2
Gator Gubba Pineapple Vanilla balm~ used 2x~ $2
Bonne Bell Sweet n Sour Smackers, the little ball ones-- I have the cherry/lemon and the raspberry/vanilla~ $2 each

SMACKEY the Stuffed LipSmacker Doll~ have 2, he's adorable~ $5 each
Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy in French Vanilla, 4 oz, 90% full~ $5
Camille Beckman French Vanilla Bubble Bath, 4 oz new~ $5
BBW Gardenia Lily Body Splashes, have 2, brand new full size~ $10 each
RARE Ohm by Olay Sandalwood and Chamomile Body Scrub (the blue one), new tube~ $5
Prescriptives All-Skins Talc Free Powder Level 2~ not sure how much used, lots left though~ $3
Avon Haiku EDP, new 1.7 oz bottle in box~ $12
L'Oreal Wear Infinite Marbelized Eyeshadow in Sky Art, used 1x~ $2
2 "Maja" brand wrapped soaps from spain, nice spicy smell with flamenco dancer on wrapper~ $2 each
BBW Pomander Orange Spice (LE holiday 2002) lotion and body splash~ used 2x lightly each~ $10 each
The Body Shop White Vanilla Chocolate EDT (discontinued)~ $10
Burt's Bees Feelin Flaky Shampoo 1 oz size new~ $2
The Body Shop Colourings Double-ended creme eyeshadow wands~ one is shimmery white and seafoam green, the other 2 shades of purple, each used 1x~ $4 each
The Body Shop Eye shimmer in Copper, used 1x- $5
all 6 Yes Mistress! Latex Eyeliners, see for colors, each used 3-4x, $5 each or take all for $20
MMU Linden Blossom Roll-On, used 1x~ $6
The Healing GardenTangerinetheraphy Energizing Cologne Spray, 1 oz, 95% full~ $4
Illuminations Iemanja Shimmer Lotion, 90% full~ $5
Primal Elements Facets of the Sea shower gel, lotion, body mist~ s/g and lotion about 60% full, body mist almost new~ $5 each

Avon nail polishes, all still good, new or used 1x, $2 each:
Cherry F/X (shimmering cherry red, changes with F/X topcoat, which I don't have),
Rave (lots of fine light pink glitter, liquid metal kind of look),
Khaki F/X (dark blue/black with purple/green shimmer, similar to OPI black tie optional, again changes w/topcoat that I don't have),
Speed Dry Top Shine (fast-drying clear topcoat),
Lilac Dream (light shimmery purple),
Lime F/X (shimmerng lime green, changes w/topcoat),
Dynamo (lots of fine magenta/silver glitter, like liquid metal),
Spellbound (lots of fine silver glitter, like liquid metal),
Lagoon (iridescent ocean blue),
Poseidon (shimmery ocean green),
Greyhound (shimmery gray),
Mystic (lots of silver glitter in a brownish base, like a liquid metal)

Things I would trade the above for:
I Taste Like Sugar mini gloss set
mark glosses~ try me!~ particularly lemming Cyberglosses
most rare LipSmackers (Grape Jelly, Starfruit, Rainbow Candy, Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Strawberry, Eclair, etc etc try me!)
Paper Doll Lip Lustres (especially Renaissance Girl)
Pussy Puckerpots~ any except Muffberry, Shaved Peach, Don't Need no MANgo (got those)
Perfumeria Gal balm in Violet and Grapefruit
Rachel Perry Lip Lovers~ any except Tangerine and Banana Coconut (got those)
TBS Blueberry Lip Butter
Serendipity 3 chocolate lip glosses
Wet n' Wild MegaFlavors in LICORICE
POP Beauty Lip Jam
Evian lip balm
Badger Balms~ try me!
Sephora and Sephora Girl mini bille glosses
BBW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Lotion and Splash
Korres Shower Gel, Body Milk, Body Water, in Bitter Almond and Vanilla Cinnamon
any LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars
Eyeko Glitter Sticks and Glitter Lotion
Evian sprayers~ new or lightly used!
Kneipp herbal baths
Urban Decay Honey Powder
Escada Ibiza Hippie Shower Gel
Neutrogena Hydrating Cloth Facials (really just want 1 individual mask packet to try!)

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