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Name: Sheer Fruit Punch (I think)
Brand: American Girl by B&BWs
Tint: sheer
Scent: Fruit Punch, just like the drink!
Tastes like: HEAVEN. Just like the drink.
Price: I got it for cheap on LJ but I can't find it anywhere else :(
Container: it's a squeeze-tube with a slanted end to apply better.
Repurchase: Definitely. I'm not big on spending a lot for small things like makeup and whatnot, but this crap is YUMMY. It's not sticky, either.

product reviews

Name: Lip Stain in Berry Smooch
Brand: Covergirl
Tint: bright berry-ish.
Scent: Peaches
Tastes like: CHEMICALS.
Price: $8
Container: Plastic pen.
Repurchase: UM, HELL NO. It gave me a rash of a bunch of little tiny bumps all over my lips. I looked like I had a plague for about three days, and they itched so bad! I'm assuming I had a reaction to the dye, but jeez. Never again.

Name: Cranberry-Orange lip balm
Brand: Kiss My Face
Tint: none
Scent: really sweet orange-cranberry bread.
Tastes like: oranges.
Price: $3.99 at Borders Books and Music.
Container: the standard lip balm tube.
Repurchase: Of course! This is the perfect lip balm. It's thick and goes on really smooth. It moisturizes and smells so good. This is like, that perfect lip balm to put on before bed so that you wake up with lovely lips. A ten in my book.


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Hi gals,

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I noticed that Smashbox was on Gilt Groupe for a couple more days and there are some amazing lip gloss options for cheap! (There's a set of three glosses in the colors Candid, Flash & Hype for only $18!)

If you need an invite, feel free to use my referral link:

(Mods, please feel free to delete if necessary. Thanks!)

The Warden

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Hi! I'm new, and came here for some help.

I got a lipgloss when I was younger, and I don't remember much about it except:

1. It was a clear lipgloss with whitish iridescent glitter
2. The tube was clear with gold writing, the cap was also gold
3. The gloss smelled like cola (think gummy cola bottles)
4. It had a doe-foot applicator
5. I'm pretty sure this was a drugstore brand

I remember this being the best thing ever, and was wondering if anyone remembers anything like this? If someone knows what brand this was? Does anyone know of any other communities I can post this in?

I've been searching forever, and so far Makeup Alley has been no help.

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Name: Spearmint Mentha Lip Shine
Brand: C.O. Bigelow
Tint: None, clear
Scent: Sweet Spearmint
Tastes like: Those candy spearmint slices with the sugar sprinkled on top!
Price: On sale at Bath and Body for $3.
Container: Squeezy-tube.
Repurchase: Well, I definitely love the scent and flavor. That is precisely my problem! I keep licking off the spearmint, so it does absolutely nothing for me.

Name: Sparkling Melon Lip Balm
Brand: Bath and Body Works
Tint: Sheer pink
Scent: Watermelon
Tastes like: A lightly refreshing watermelon flavor.
Price: $1 on Ebay.
Container: Square-shaped finger pot.
Repurchase: If I ever finish it! I've had it for years, and it's like the finger pot never gets empty!

Name: Beauty Rush gloss in Bananas!
Brand: Beauty Rush
Tint: Sheer with gold shimmers
Scent: Banana
Tastes like: The taste isn't incredibly appealing. It's very sweet, but in an odd way. Not great.
Price: $6.
Container: Squeezy-tube.
Repurchase: No. This Beauty Rush was definitely a miss. Not pleased.

Name: Honey Lip Balm
Brand: Burt's Bees
Tint: None at all
Scent: Honey tea.
Tastes like: No taste, just beeswax.
Price: 2/5.99
Container: Tube
Repurchase: This is the best. lip. balm. ever. Definitely yes.


I love this community!! Awhile back (like, years ago), I totally came to this community every day. It's so dead, so I'm going to attempt to liven things up a bit. I have a sale, and I'll post some reviews. Love you!

Review for Sprite lipsmackers (3 set)

Name: Lip Smackers
Brand: Bonne Belle
Tint: Clear
Scent: Sprite soda (Yeah, sprite, like the soda made by the coca cola company!)
Smells like: Sprite or zangy, zesty lemonade. It's v. refreshing and bubbly (at least in my opinion.)But it's good because even though it has the zestiness of lemonade and the bubbliness of soda, it's still smooth and soothing enough to be used on chapped lips. It's pretty sweet, but not in a sickening or sappy way :) I personally like it a lot.
Price: Retail price is $13.00 AUD (about $8.50 U.S) for a set of 3...but at my lj it is $7.50 AUD ($4.80) for a set of 3.
Found at:
Repurchase: Yes. It's definately my favourite of the lipsmacker's soda editions for the unique-ness and the flavour.


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I was having makeup nostalgia today, and remembered the line of lipsticks and lip glosses from Revlon called Street Wear (remember those??)

Anyway, my favorite shade was Jelly, a silvery lavender-y color.  This line is long since discontinued (at least 10 years), and I was wondering if anyone remembers this shade and if there's anything out on the market that is a look-a-like. I'm fine with department store or drugstore brands, but probably wouldn't want to drop more than $25 on something.

I did find some on ebay, but I am worried that since it's such an old product that the original color hasn't held up.