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You can never have too much gloss...

and a little balm thrown in on the side

Lipgloss Whores
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Picture this..........
Your lips, dry and parched...you lick them and nothing is on them... you're rubbing them together, desperate for a taste of something leftover from yesterday, some Urban Decay, some MAC---anything, even Chapstick---and nothing. You spot the dealer on the corner, in the distance and nervously rush over to him and say

'I need some man, and I need it now!!!'
dealer: 'ahhh I'm out, dude'
you: 'Come onnnnnn, man, I know you're holding out on me'
dealer: 'nahhh you know the drill'
you: 'I can pay... I have some cash'
dealer (eyes darting around nervously): 'all I have is Lip frosting in milk chocolate mint'
you: 'no, man, I need some of the harder stuff... dontcha have any Pep Rally Pink?'
dealer: 'nahhh you know that'll cost ya, you don't have that kinda dough'
you: 'I can get it, man, I can get it! I can give you a Twinkies balm now and I'll throw in a Marshmallow Krispies as a downpayment....'
dealer, holding up hands: 'nahh I don't work on trades, dude, it's cash or nothing'...... he rummages in his pocket....'I do have, what's this? A Mama Coco's Tradewind Mint.......ya want it?' he holds it under your nose for you to smell it.
you, leaning forward to inhale deeply: 'ahhh bro, please---- dontcha have the 'old style', before the price increase?'
dealer: 'no man, this is your option, bro, take it or leave it'
you: 'how about paypal?'
dealer, looking around nervously: 'it can only be e-check account transfer, not credit card'
you: 'no man, you know my account's overdrawn!! I just spent my last check on a run at Lipmedic... those Eyeko balms are steep, bro! It's gotta be on credit card!'
dealer: 'sorry man... you're on your own'
and he darts away in the night, tucking the Mama Coco's safely away in his shirt pocket, leaving you in the street
you, crying, knees giving out, sinking to the ground onto the cement: NOOOOOOOOO!!

If this sounds like it could be you, you're in the right community!

The Rules:

1) All entries must be lipgloss (or lip balm) related.
2) Any pictures posted must be lipgloss (or lip balm) related AND they must be behind a cut or they will be deleted (please also put long posts behind the cut).
3) No entries saying "I really want some friends, add me". Not cool!
4) Do NOT disable comments on your posts. We are a community, so we like to TALK.
4) Please e-mail your requests for posting your website and community advertising on our community. Not doing so beforehand will result in your post being deleted & you possibly being banned from the community. Any posts with anything OTHER than lipgloss, lipbalm, lip-related reviews will be deleted. WE WANT REVIEWS, people! :-)
5) Respect other members, respect the rules. If someone sees someone not following the rules, it's fine to RESPECTFULLY point this out by copying and pasting the rule in question to a post as a reminder.THIS ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE ONE TIME BY ONE PERSON which means once one person has POLITELY made a comment, we do not want 10 other people to chime in as well; if it is not taken care of then someone can E-MAIL the mods LivejournalLGW@aol.com and WE will take over from there. Maintainers will be active but can't be here 24 hours a day!
6) please try to respect the english language and make your posts in an intelligent manner. We are not 8-year-olds here and don't need silly abbreviations and 'net talk. You know what we mean ;)


1) We are a review-oriented community, therefore no entry can be ONLY about SELLING or SWAPPING. It will be deleted immediately!
2) The only way to SELL or SWAP on your post is via this method:
a) post a regular journal entry with a review and at the end of it.... then
b) write the word 'selling' or 'swapping' then put the rest 'behind the cut' (type this without the spaces: < lj-cut > you can post a link to something you are selling (i.e. on Ebay, on Beauty Bazaar) That way it doesn't clutter up the friends pages, nobody has to click on the link if they don't want to SELL or SWAP.
c) if you need information from a fellow SELLER or SWAPPER, or want to tell a fellow seller or swapper something, posting this information is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. That's what e-mail is for, friends, so please do these transactions via e-mail. The 1400+ members don't need to know your business.


Being the clever maintainers that we are, we will be occasionally coming up with CONTESTS & GAMES for ACTIVE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. The ONLY way to be eligible for contests & giveaways is to go to send us an e-mail with your FIRST NAME & your LIVEJOURNAL name. Send e-mail to LivejournalLGW@aol.com!
You need to be an active poster in order to win any prizes, therefore if we see someone winning the contest who has not posted in the last month, we will not be giving out a prize to you. So be active! Post reviews! Post comments! Have Fun!

sister communities:

msmcfeeley came up with a great idea for the community! In the 'current music' section, instead of typing in the song you're listening to, type in your current 'Lip Look', so everybody will know what's currently on your lips!

Check the MEMORIES link here: http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=lipglosswhores for info on how to get SAMPLES, polls, plus witty memorable entries, etc.
Click that same link and choose MY LIP STUFF for reviews on all the MY LIP STUFF balms. Click that same link and choose LANCOME JUICY TUBE for reviews on all the JUICY TUBES and MAC reviews and plenty more...

Where to Shop (we are not affiliated with these sites, we just like them!)
My Lip Stuff (MLS)
Little Shop of Beauty
Yodeling Fish
Bath Nation (formerly Brown Bag Bath & Beauty)
Lemon Bay Soap Co.

And the usual, like Beauty.com, Eluxury.com and Sephora

maintained by: starfillednite,msmcfeeley and belle1446 as of 11/3/03.

We won best community @ awards_lj!

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